Temple of the Living God

Non-denominational Metaphysical Church

A Course in Miracles

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A Course in Miracles is a powerful self-study program which
since 1976 has spread throughout the United States and
across the globe. Millions of people gather together to study
the course in homes, churches, libraries and community halls.

Although written in Christian terms, the course redefines
traditional Christianity and is, in fact, a guide towards true
spirituality. There is a textbook which explains the thought
system and a workbook which consists of 365 lessons, one for
each day of the year, designed to assist us in letting go of
guilt and the mistaken belief in separation.

The class provides an opportunity for group discussion of the 
week's lessons. You are invited to join this open and ongoing
in choosing a path back home to God and unity.

Course Length:


Monday class: Margie Limbach
Thursday class:  Gonzalo Lever 

Dates:                                                Time:          Fee:

Every Monday at the Temple.            7-9 p.m.       Love offering

Every Thursday at Burlington House  7:30-9 p.m.   Love offering
(Burlington House located at the north end of parking lot, across alley)