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Miracles Bookstore Events/Classes

Blue Butterfly ImageMiracles Metaphysical Bookstore presents a variety of speakers every month that will provide information on a variety of metaphysical subjects, healing and self-growth. If there’s a specific subject you would like to explore, please put your requests in the suggestion basket located in the bookstore. Watch the Temple of the Living God website for additional events!


Psychic Saturdays   May 6 & 20, June 3 & 17

Psychic Saturdays ImageBookstore Psychic Readers
Every first and third Saturdays of the month

12 - 4 p.m.
15 min. $15

Miracles Bookstore would like to welcome the following readers to Psychic Saturdays:
Toni Bennett on May 6th.
Mary Matlock on June 3rd.


Toni Bennett has recently moved to St. Petersburg from Kihei, Hawaii! Please welcome her! She is a Clairvoyant, Psychic Coach and Relationship Counselor. Feel lost or stuck? She will help you to get clear and accurate guidance for every important life situation!

Mary Matlock has been involved in the Tampa Bay Metaphysical Community for 20 Years! A former USF grad, educator and long-time Theosophical Society Past Secretary, she occasionally teaches classes in Astrology, Wiccan, Lenormand and Tarot cards. She is a native of St. Petersburg and reads at all of our Temple of the Living God Psychic Fairs!

Melissa Newbeck, is a natural born psychic and native of Connecticut. Among her abilities her most prominent is that of mediumship, clairvoyance, medical intuitive, automatic writing and empathy.  Melissa is candid, yet sensitive to her clients. Please welcome her! Book a reading today!

Carol Wicker is a Psychic & Spiritualist and reads people’s energies intuitively. Sometimes she uses  Psychometry, holding an object in her hand or by just holding your hand. She has been on her spiritual journey 25+ years taking a plethora of classes with great teachers! This has rubbed off and made Carol a wonderful, accurate reader. Book a reading today! 

Please feel free to call ahead and book a time with either Reader at 727-822-3157

Pranayama: The Vitality of Breath   May 13
Pranayama Vitality of Breath Image10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Instructor: Dr. Ronald K. Porter
Suggested Love Donation: $15.00

Please bring a mat if you have one.

In this workshop Dr. Ronald K. Porter will use story, music, dialogue, and meditation to explore the connection between the breath (pranayama) and life vitality. Drawing from Yogic, Buddhist, and Taoist traditions, Dr. Porter will lead participants through various forms of pranayama and explore the numerous sensations produced in the body when we simply “be here now,” allowing ourselves to be in touch with our breathing.

A native of Washington D.C., Dr. Ronald K. Porter is the Director of Service-Learning at Eckerd College and teaches yoga at Metro Wellness and Community Centers.

Violet Flame Meditation   May 13
Violet Flame Image
Presenter: Rev. Sara Urbina

1:00 -3:00 p.m.
Suggested Love donation: $15.00

The Violet Flame Meditation can help transform negative energy into positive energy to assist you on your path to enlightenment and ascension. Learn how using the St. Germain Violet Flame Decrees can also assist you in transforming your life as well as others around you, the planet and all of humankind!

Bio: As a Keeper of the Flame,Rev. Sara Urbina facilitates the Violet Flame Meditation and Decrees and The Ascension Ceremony to assist others on their sacred spiritual journey to advance their soul growth. She is an Angel Certified Practitioner, Reiki Master, Teacher, and Practitioner with 20 years’ experience, a Feng Shui Consultant to help balance energies and heal one's personal or work spaces. Rev. Sara has also authored a children's book "The Power of Love."

How to Use a Pendulum  May 20  

How to Use a Pendulum Image11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Instructor: Machael Carlson

Suggested Love Donation $15.00

A Pendulum is quite simply a tool that is used to check what the subconscious already knows. In this class we will explore the many ways one can use a pendulum such as “Yes/No” questions, How to check the Chakras and how to get accurate answers! You can purchase a Pendulum in the Bookstore!

You can purchase a Pendulum in the Bookstore!

Making a Crystal Grid  May 27
Crystal Grid Image11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m
Instructor: Machael Carlson
Suggested Love Donation $15

Crystal grids can sometimes be more powerful than using a single crystal for an intended goal. Crystal grids are made by the placement of specific stones in a geometric pattern for the specific purpose of directing energy toward a goal. The stones or crystals are then charged by your intention and energy. Let's have some fun, and create some FABULOUS grids for your personal use! If you have special crystals or gemstones you would like to use in the grid please bring them to class with you!

The Five Languages of Love   June 3
Five Languages of Love Image11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Presented by Machael Carlson
Suggested Love donation: $15.00

June is the Month of Love! We most often give love to others in the ways we prefer to receive love. While all the Love Languages
should be a part of your relationships, people often have dominant preferences in the way they receive and give love. This can unknowingly cause a “disconnect” when the giver and recipient have different love languages because acts go unnoticed, underappreciated, or miss the mark completely.

Angels All Around Us   June 10
Angels All Around Us Image1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Suggested Love Donation: $15.00
Instructor: Sharon Herb

Do you believe in Angels? Well, Author and Intuitive Life Coach, Sharon Herb sure does! She believes we all have Guardian Angels watching over us! Come learn about your personal angels and how to contact them!

Sharon Herb is a Certified Angel Practitioner/Angelic Medium/ Life Coach and Author. Ever since she first discovered her gifts back in 2008, Sharon has been passionate about sharing the messages with others. It is always her intention to use the divine messages that she receives to inspire and enrich the lives of others. Sharon lives her life with passion and purpose and feels truly blessed to be able to assist others to do the same. 
Angel Readings:  $30 - ½ hour available from 3pm to 5pm late closing! Please RSVP as these will book fast!

Tantra: The Yoga of Shiva and Shakti  June 10
Tantra Yoga Image10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Instructor: Dr. Ronald K. Porter
Suggested Love Donation: $15.00

In the West, Tantra is often understood as heightened sexual practices. This simplistic definition misses the deeper definition of Tantra: the balancing of male and female energies in the body to enhance consciousness, creativity, and feeling. Poet Audre Lorde called “the erotic,” the ability to tap into and focus our creative forces, not just for the purposes of sex, but for the enhancement of our overall creative lives and communities.

Join Dr. Ronald K. Porter for an exploration of Tantra and a Yoga practice meant to allow you to tap into your creative abilities and enhance your joy.
Please bring a mat if you have one. 

Reiki for Kids   June 17
Reiki for Kids Image10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Instructor Toni Bennett
Suggested Love Donation: $10.00
We are at a time on our planet when it is crucial to support the children and honor their new way of being. Our task is to be willing to help them get started on their path to health, healing and balance. Learning Reiki is one of the best ways they can begin this process. Reiki for Kids is both playful and fun! They will learn to scan and feel a person’s energy and aura, as well as feel the Reiki energy as it flows through their body. Reiki eases children through the stresses of life’s situations. They learn to trust their abilities and intuition, building confidence! Come Play With Us!!

Instructor Toni Bennett has over 15 years’ experience as an Usui Reiki Master. She brings her passion, enthusiasm and healing presence into each and every Reiki class she teaches. She is also is a LPN, a Psychiatric Nurse, Massage Therapist, Relationship Counselor, and Psychic Coach

Tarot TomFoolery:   June 24

The Fool Tarot Card Image11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Presented by Machael Carlson
Suggested Love donation: $15.00
Includes Hand outs.
Bring your own Tarot cards to class! Don't have tarot cards? A deck may be purchased at Miracles Bookstore.

The thought of memorizing the significance of 78 different cards is enough to turn away all but the most determined tarot enthusiast. Even those of us adepts could use a fun break every now and then! A little sacred play is good for the soul, and the more you interact with the tarot cards the more you will begin to their symbolism in your surroundings and in yourself. By using the cards in fun ways, you’ll learn their meanings and how their energies influence your world.