Temple of the Living God

Non-denominational Metaphysical Church

Foundations Class

Temple Sunburst Logo ImageFoundations Class
team-taught by
Rev. LeRoy Zemke, Rev. Karmene Lusis
We warmly invite you to join us,
as we offer the Temple’s Foundation Class
Saturday August 26
10 - 1 p.m.
Love Offering
Class is open to all members, friends
and interested persons

Hour 1
• Origins of Temple’s Founding as a Universal Spiritualist Church, Sept. 25, 1960
• Who were the Founders? 
   Rev. Laurine J. C. Stroud
   Rev. Raymond P. Noegel
   Rev. Lamar Keene
• Brief history
  Current location purchased in 1966; all campus facilities purchased later
  Independent Corporate Organization - 1999

Hour 2
• Metaphysical structure and Mission of Church
  7 Major Core Beliefs
  Metaphysical teachings including New Thought, Unity, Science of Mind, Wisdom Teachings,
  Outreach of Miracles Bookstore

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to assist people in their spiritual awakening and to support them through education, healing, love and service.

Hour 3
• Views specific to the Temple
  Interfaith views
  The role of major spiritual teachings such as Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Confusicanism,   Islam and Hinduism
  Purpose of sacred practice, such as prayer, meditation, hands on healing
• Outreach in the community
  It’s a focused, insightful and revealing view of who we are as a spiritual community and how we  serve in a rapidly changing world!