Temple of the Living God

Non-denominational Metaphysical Church


TLG Classes ImageFrom its very inception, the Temple and its ministers have always emphasized the importance of education, class work and on-going study as a means to personal enrichment and empowerment.

The Temple's Education Program is designed to offer a broad range of study groups in different spiritual concepts, metaphysical systems, esoteric sciences, holistic health and alternative methods of healing and human potential psychologies. The particular spiritual objective is that each person may better understand himself and his place in the universe.

The Education Program upholds complete freedom of individual belief and search for truth. The study programs are not offered in a religious context, but rather in a universal atmosphere wherein each person may discover his own greater spiritual and inner pathway.

Our classes and workshops feature a wide variety of approaches, with experiences in sharing, group support, loving concern and wholeness. The overall intent is to stimulate, guide and strengthen the deepest internal human quest for growth in awareness and our sense of relationship of the Divine.