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The Five Languages of Love

Five Languages of Love ImageSaturday, June 3

Five Languages of Love ImageA Miracles Bookstore Class
11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Presented by Machael Carlson
Suggested Love Donation: $15.00

June is the Month of Love! We most often give love to others in the ways we prefer to receive love. While all the Love Languages should be a part of your relationships, people often have dominant preferences in the way they receive and give love. This can unknowingly cause a "disconnect" when the giver and recipient have different love languages because acts go unnoticed, underappreciated, or miss the mark completely. 



Louise Fimlaid

Louise Fimlaid Astrology DesignAs an astrologer, Louise believes that the soul chooses the moment of birth. Website.

Alison J. Kay, PhD

Alison Kay: What if There's Nothing Wrong; Book Cover Image

Alison J. Kay, PhD. Holistic Life Coach & Energy Healer, & author of What If There's Nothing Wrong?


Barbara Boss

TLG Church_Barbara Boss Image

Barbara Boss, an energy healer & artist as well as a retired scientist, accupuncturist, dean & professor.

Visit her Website.

Gloria Karpinski

TLG Church - Gloria Karpinski Image

Gloria Karpinski,
Center Circle Productions
On-Line Courses


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