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The Seven Rays Made Visual

Seven Rays Image
Saturday, May 6 

Seven Rays ImageThe Seven Rays Made Visual
 Saturday May 6, 2017
Time: 11 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Cost:  suggested donation $25

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The teaching of the Seven Rays provides a key, a way of understanding the Divine Plan of Creation (on cosmic levels), and our place in the grand scheme of things as a whole. What is particularly interesting at this time is that nations also are influenced by the rays as is presently being played out in America’s conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We will explore the seven rays, with particular emphasis on how they relate to us personally (individually) as human/spiritual beings. The Seven Rays is a holistic approach of visible and invisible worlds. In this class you will discover your own individual pattern, which will give you the key to your identity.

A Ray is defined as a particular quality of energy. Emphasis is upon the quality that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect that it creates. There are Seven different Rays, or qualities of energy and a human being is expressive of one or another of the rays. As human beings, we consist of a soul, our personality, the emotions, the mind, and our physical body.

Rev. Terra Giordani TLG ImageInstructor: Rev. Theresa (Terra) Giordani 
Bio: Terra resides in Exeter, New Hampshire. She graduated from Sancta Sophia Seminary, and was ordained a minister by Light of Christ Community Church (with Rev. Carol Parrish officiating) in August 1992. Terra was certified as a Reidi Master in 1995, which she uses in conjunction with other healing modalities such as Herbology, Chakra Balancing, Radionics and Dowsing, Therapeutic Touch and Body Medians work. She has had four years of Self-Realization studies of Eastern Philosophy with the Tibetan Foundation in Youngstown, Arizona. In addition to the Seven Rays, her other areas of expertise include the Holy Kabalah, Dream Studies, Universal Law, Spiritual Science, Numerology and Pages of Shustah’s Wisdom of the Ancients.


Louise Fimlaid

Louise Fimlaid Astrology DesignAs an astrologer, Louise believes that the soul chooses the moment of birth. Website.

Alison J. Kay, PhD

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Alison J. Kay, PhD. Holistic Life Coach & Energy Healer, & author of What If There's Nothing Wrong?


Barbara Boss

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Barbara Boss, an energy healer & artist as well as a retired scientist, accupuncturist, dean & professor.

Visit her Website.

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Gloria Karpinski,
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