Temple of the Living God

Non-denominational Metaphysical Church

Who We Are

In connecting with the Source (God) from which all beliefs derive, we are an interfaith, non-denominational Metaphysical church, offering a positive and loving ministry.

We are ~

Spiritual - Our purpose is to serve our community by providing opportunities for people of all faiths to join together in a spiritually supportive atmosphere.

Diverse - While our roots are in Christianity, we honor and explore the truth teachings held in common with all world-faith religions.

Inclusive - We embrace diversity and welcome people of all ages, races, social backgrounds, sexual orientations and religions.

Practical - We offer tools for everyday living and study a wide range of spiritual and metaphysical concepts and teachings.

Affirmative - We strive to see the Divine, and therefore, the highest good in all people and things, and to help people find their path to a more abundant life.