Temple of the Living God

Non-denominational Metaphysical Church

Our Leaders

Reverend LeRoy Zemke, Senior Pastor, is a teacher, minister, and internationally known intuitive consultant. For over 56 years, Rev. Zemke has practiced and taught principles for effective living and increasing spiritual awareness. As a life-long student of esoteric studies, metaphysics, and world religions, he brings a powerful, insightful message to his professional work. He has helped countless numbers of people throughout the U.S. and Europe to discover direction, inner clarity and purpose for their lives.

Reverend LeRoy Zemke
Ordained in 1960, Rev. Zemke holds an interdenominational degree in religious education and metaphysical studies from the Chesterfield Seminary and a B.A. degree from the University of South Florida. He is senior pastor of the Temple of The Living God in St. Petersburg, Florida. Rev. Zemke speaks and teaches for business, colleges, metaphysical groups, and churches in the U.S. and abroad. His book, "Thoughts for Transformation" has been critically acclaimed. 

Reverend Zemke extends the Church's ministry through scheduled appearances across the US and Europe. His tour dates and the contact persons are listed under "Zemke On Tour". If you would like an appointment with Reverend Zemke at the Temple of the Living God, please call the Church at 727-822-8628.


Rev. Karmene Lusis, Assistant Pastor, brings an extensive musical background along with practical business skills which include teaching and administrative experience. Her infectious enthusiasm, both personally and professionally, will serve to attract new and on-going support in all areas.

Rev. Karmene Lusis, Assistant Pastor Image

Born and raised in Canada, Rev. Lusis has been a lifetime student of metaphysical teachings and spiritualism. Although brought up in the Lutheran faith, she nevertheless had an early interest in Eastern philosophies and esoteric teachings, which she continued to explore following her move to St. Petersburg in 1982.

Since that time, Rev. Lusis has pursued studies in a wide range of teachings, including Unity and Science of Mind, as well as other esoteric materials. In 2000 she was ordained at the Temple of Love and Healing in St Petersburg and later received her B.A. degree in Metaphysical Healing Arts from the College of Metaphysical Studies in Clearwater, where she also became certified as a Past-Life Regression facilitator and Reiki Master.

Rev. Lusis‛ professional work with both Unity and Science of Mind churches has been varied and longstanding, beginning in 1986. At Unity, for example, during the 1990‛s she served as Sunday School teacher, Sound Team member and Office Assistant. In her travels she has served as a musician, workshop facilitator and teacher for a wide range of programs as well as guest speaker at Sunday service. From 2006-2015 she served onthe Pastoral staff at the Temple of Love and Healing. Her background in teaching includes such subjects as meditation, healing, psychic/intuitive development, mediumship development, past-life regression, dance and sacred movement, art, Mandala studies and more.

From 1990-2015, under her “Spirit in Celebration‛ Music and Healing ministry, she sang at many churches, retreats, nursing homes and assisted living facilities as well as provided individual healing sessions and counseling to those in need. She has also had the joy and privilege of musically opening for a number of Key Note speakers,including Alan Cohen, Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Eckhart Tolle and others. As a published songwriter and recording artist, music continues to be a fundamental element of her spiritual experience. We look forward to the many gifts she brings to her new role at the Temple.