Temple of the Living God

Non-denominational Metaphysical Church

Healing Ministries

  • The Prayer Ministry
    All requests are honored by a dedicated group of individuals who are committed to the power of prayer and who include those requests in their personal prayer work. A Prayer Chest is maintained in the lobby and requests can also be made by phone or email: Prayer Chest. 

  • Chaplain Services
    A chaplain is available both before and after Sunday service to hold sacred space and to listen and hold what is shared in strictest confidence.

  • Hands on Energy Healing
    Practitioners of a variety of healing modalities offer brief healing treatments before service each Sunday and longer sessions once monthly following service.

  • Divine Healing
    Once each month a part of Sunday service is devoted specifically to the healing needs of the congregation. Several practitioners of healing arts offer prayer and hands on healing individually to each person coming forth during this special part of the service.